Clóca Mhordáin

March 25, 2021 by mjlgraham

Available at $10

The Irish language version of the book is now available.

The Cloak of Mordán follows the life of Donncha Ó Cualáin. Growing up in Conamara on the West Coast of Ireland, Donncha loved listening to traditional Irish storytellers. These wise men wandered the land telling of all the magical history and traditions of Ireland. Donncha is enthralled by one such story. Striking a chord deep within Donncha’s being, he would carry the tenets of that story as he grows into a young man before immigrating to America. With all he held dear now across the ocean in Ireland, Donncha clings to the traditions and stories he knows best, as he struggles with the changes in his life in a new country.


Below, Aodhán Allta in the throws of battle. The ancient Irish Warrior who bore the Cloak of Mordán and whose story captured Donncha’s imagination as a child, and shaped his life as he grew into a man.



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